Experiencing Midlife Crisis Symptoms? -Take the Test.

Published: 30th May 2010
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'Am I having a midlife crisis?'

Well are you?

Here's a telling test. Below is a list of 30 midlife crisis symptoms .Read through each one and answer 'yes' or 'no' to the following questions.

If you answer 'yes' in most cases then you probably are!

Inner Signs:

1. Unhappy with life in general?
2. Discontent with the lifestyle that has served you well over the years?
3. Sensing the passing of youth and the imminence of old age?
4. Bored and seeking more adventure in life?
5. Questioning decisions you made years ago?
6. Questioning the quality and value of the relationship you have with your partner?
7. Desiring a new, exciting and intimate relationship?
8. Overwhelmed - too much to do and too much going on?
9. Cross with spouse and kids for tying you down?
10.Feeling a loss of identity , loss of moorings?
11.Questioning the meaning and value of your life?
12.Feeling out of control?
14.Concerned about ageing or ill health?
15.Feeling sick and tired?
16.Fearful about your mortality?
17.Living with regrets?
18.Thinking that your skills and talents are going or have gone unrecognised?
20.Sitting on unresolved issues from the past?
21.Feeling anxious or depressed?
22.Feeling needy?
24.Wanting to spend more time alone or with your peers?
25.Lacking in confidence and experiencing low self esteem?
26.Doubting what you've accomplished in life so far?
27.Uncertain about what direction to take for the future?

Midlife Crisis Symptoms - Outer signs:

Do I exhibit any of the following:-

1.Abusive habits for eg alcohol, drugs or over eating?

2.Excessive consumption of unusual or expensive objects such as a sports car, a motorbike, jewellery, gadgets, tattoos...?

3.Excessive attention to my physical appearance?

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